Rasheeq is a self-taught musician, audio engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist with guiding light from heterogeneous musical influences. Along with New York based drummer & percussionist Zachary Jacobson, he co-founded SUPREME SOUL SOCIETY, a music & art collective from Brooklyn, where he plays guitar, keyboards, hand-drums, kalimba, tanpura, xylophone, and various other instruments.

When he is not writing and performing Progressive Rock songs, he composes and produces music for short-films, performs solo and collaborates with other artists from diverse media.

He completed an online Audio Production certification course from Berklee College of Music, the preeminent institute of contemporary music and the performing arts. The course was conducted by Loudon Stearns, Associate Professor, Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee.

He achieved a 100% score in the program.


Instrumental Rendition of 'Fear Of A Blank Planet'

Cover of 'The Sound Of Muzak'


Original Music 'A Delicate Desolation'

Live Performance of 'A Delicate Desolation'

Original Music 'Crystalline Melancholy'

Original Music 'The Great Singularity'

Original Score 'Peace'

Original Score 'Song Of Freedom'

Cover of 'Jambi'

Cover of 'The Grudge'

Cover of 'Lateralus'

Cover of 'Rosetta Stoned'

Cover of 'Schism'

Cover of '10,000 Days (Wings pt. 2)'

Cover of 'Third Eye'

Live Performance with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

Various Gig Photos

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